virtual art “[dädalus]3″ with rolf bergmeier


At this Project we assisted the artist Rolf Bergmeier to realise his vison. His work “Oil on wood” – wich is a direct quote out of nature was 3D scanned and then could be reproduced by 3D printing technology, the digital quote of nature. Further in this project we enabeled Rolf to even go further and take mother nature to virtual space. Enjoy this project! It has some very true thoughts!













Rolf Bergmeier:
“I pick the walking frame and move in virtual space. I can approach the floating piece of art, look inside it, move away from it, observe it from a distance while I move.


As an artist I work with the tools of sculptures, one of my most important materials is space.

- all inner and outer phenomena are based on space – the work [dädalus]3  enables the beholder to move in virtuality as well as in reality (simultaneously).

Thus the relation between reality and virtuality that is rather difficult to grasp in theory, can be experiences with one’s own senses.

Since my  main works ‘Öl auf Holz’ were dealing with pre-cultural non-lingual consciousness, it is my understanding that the generation of virtual space is a second groundbreaking step of human productivity. The first of these two steps was the formation of concepts. These were the prerequisites to create cultures by means of language and writing that in the course of the millennia became more and more powerful competitors of Nature.

This evolution of cultures and civilization can however not be called creative out of itself, because it is exclusively based on exploitation i.e. transformation of natural resources.

Creation means to originate something from nothing.

In this aspect, virtual space is the first true creation of man.

Usually artists wait for a technology to be invented in order to utilize it as a means of expression, in my case it was the other way round.

For the exhibition “Holzweg und Lichtung- ein Heimspiel“ Kunstverein Cuxhaven 2012, I had modeled the idea of [dädalus]3 .

Since the required thechnology did not exist, I engineered it with a small team. On Sept 30 2013 [dädalus]3  worked for the first time.

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Block3 – Wiesbaden, Startup für interaktive 3D Visualisierung,” – Rolf Bergmeier

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Rolf, we enjoyed the work! Keep it up!
If you ever need some nerds, you know where to find us!

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