07.08.2014 – Wiesbadener Kurrier – Visual für HS-RM


23.01.2014 – Allgemeine Zeitung – Rhein Main Presse



22.01.2014 – AS Kabel – Bericht über die Aufwind1.0 Messe in Mainz



See our Multihalle-Mannheim project printing in 3D (PLA)


A little tour around the “Aufwind 1.0″ exhibition.



This little animation explains the function of the InReal – Technologies Envision Terminal,
wich can display our Simulations. ( see also: )



This is a short footage that shows our Project4 Setup.
We generated the plans, the 3D Print and a 3D Walktrough out of 1 File!



Here we showed our Mockup at the Stijl MZ Exhibition.
Further we scanned People in 3D and 3D printed them out as a keyfob.



Fabio Chiaramonte mit der Visualisierungsbrille







Interview at Hochschule Rhein-Main University of Applied Sciences