ZNM – “Zentrum für Neue Mobilität”

This Project is about to build an futuristic pavillon.
Fabio Chiaramonte and Sascha Hahner worked on this project.
We really liked the project because we could use Rhinoceros for
some really interesting biomorph form experiments.
We created tons of different dynamic shapes and decided to
choose a shape we could build with the “Novum Node-Structures”

On this project we tested for the first time the Power of CryEngine
to simulate an immersive walktrough during our Project presentation.
The audience could take on a Head-mounted Display (HMD) extended
with a headsensor to look around and a controller to move through the

And not forget to mention the multimat. 3D print.
We are proud of our workflow, because we jused just Rhino, all the way.
And we had nice plans, viz, virtual reality, 3d print… out of 1 (one) single file.

The presentation actually was a great success.